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Job Application Match is a global, multi-lingual job search engine used by millions of people. We provide exhaustive and expanding coverage of difficult to locate jobs throughout the world. By using a single database, our users can search everwhere, rather than one country at a time.

Don't be fooled by other job sites which are just showing you lots of paid ads. Companies such as recruiters or staffing agencies do not receive any ranking preference in our search results.

Jobs are divided and categorized by education level as well as skills, helping better match employee experiences with employer demand. Our educational database helps job seekers locate classes, courses, and mini-degrees at low cost or free to help bridge the gaps between modern day employer needs.


Employers of all sizes are welcome to submit their list of job openings to our database. There is no cost and our engineers will ensure your jobs are updated. Individual job posts may be submitted by employers without a website.